Why You Must Use Slow Juicer

Dash slow juicers are becoming popular for nutrition, and there are many reasons behind it. Slow juice is the best way to introducing nutrition to our body in a healthy way, what our body needs. This daily drinking fresh and healthy drinks will surely give your health boost up, and it’s also like “regular one glass of healthy drink will keep doctors away.”

Slow juicer indicates Most of the juice from fruit

With a slow juicer, you can get even more juice from fruit and vegetables to extract more juice screw mechanism has been used even it produced to get 30% more juice when you are using a slow juicer.

Best healing medicine

Fresh juices are the super quality medicine in fighting with a various disease like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, physical strength and of course morning illness. All over the habit of drinking fresh with slow juice juices which are the superior healing among all or even from the juices of organic fruits.

Slow juicer prevents more Natural nutrients

When you do slow juicing with the cool temperature, this prevents all those natural & healthy nutrients and vitamins in fruit or vegetable. Unlike a rotor extraction at high speed which makes raises the temperature and destroy some of the vitamins

More Fiber

As fiber is good for our health and using the method of slow juicing, we can get more fiber in the juice which makes more healthy juice.

Less needed

These slow juicers need less fruit and vegetables for juices so that it will save your extra money of fruit and vegetables, and you can save the more to use on fresh fruit, and it will decrease the wastage of fruit and vegetables.

Slow juices can be stored Longer

With the slow juiced juice, it can be store up to 3 days in the fridge and then drink. In this case, it will be still with vitamins and nutrients that the juice originally had. This can be not possible in fast juicers and other various methods of juicing where you have to drink it immediately to avoid and lots of goodness which is in juice.

Froth free juice

With a slow juice system, we can use a zero froth foam! With slow juice, it will give a clear liquid juice at all.

Well, this slow juicer will give you maximum nutrition. Now, which is the best slow juicer that you can use then I recommend to you dash slow juicer? Dash juicer is with high performance and quality with stainless steel, the power of 250 watts integrated with switching settings off on, off & reverse. Dash juicer is with quality with no foam and also easy to assembly and disassembly.

Stay healthy.