Why it’s important to keep a gun safe in Car !!

Under the seat gun safe

If you are living in a place where robbery and similar crimes are too often, carry a weapon where ever you go is important and If you are moving around with a weapon, weapon safety is very important. In these high crime areas there are high chances of these robbers to break into your car, so keep the gun in the safe even in your car is important.

There would be a question in your mind that why would i keep the handgun in car instead of carrying with me, but simply not all the buildings and offices allow you to carry a firearm, so you must lock it in car while visiting such places.

Owning a car gun safe is very important because if you’re gun is stolen from car you could face charges in some states, it’s necessary to keep the gun safe in some states.

Car owners must store the in gun safe as well as at hidden place for additional security. Best choice is under the seat gun safe, if a robber doesn’t know that you own a gun safe under the seat, he probably won’t look for gun when break into your car. under the seat gun safes are the best gun safe for car.  if you don’t want to keep the firearm under the seat you need portable gun safes that you can carry, but there are chances that if you put it in your car, robber may run away with that too. One of the best safe products for cars is from bulldog, there are several bulldog products available that you can both carry and mount in your car. doesn’t matter what you choose the gun safety is the most important thing if you’re carrying your firearm. No matter what form of gun safe you choose from various types owning a gun safe not only protects you from robbers but also protects you from law. As a responsible gun owner gun safety is no option but priority.

Tips and Best Things to Carry With You on a Bird Hunting Trip

Many hunters are gearing up for Bird hunting season as with any game hunting they are in some circumstances very alike as you need to be very quiet and when hunting in a team requires hand signals as you do not want the birds flying away.

Some bird hunters are old timers at the game; however, if you are new at the game you need some tips and best things to carry with you on a bird-hunting trip. One of the most popular bird hunting one can do is Pheasant rooster hunting.

Many hunters form a group when hunting with good bird dogs, but some hunt by themselves without the help of a good bird dog and this is the hunter that we want to provide some great tips on what they will need to bag a whole lot of roosters.

Spotting Scope for Birding
Spotting Scope for Birding

Packing for the Trip

You have started planning for your bird hunting trip, have decided where you are going to be hunting, have practiced with your shotgun and bought yourself the best spotting scope for birding or if you are still deciding which brand to buy the following are great brands to spot those pheasants hiding away from you:

  • Celestron 52248 65mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope
  • BARSKA Blackhawk 20-60x 60 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scopes
  • Vanguard High Plains 580 Spotting Scope Kit
  • Vortex Optics Razor HD Angled Spotting Scope

Now that you have your gun, and spotting scope, it is time to pack for your trip and require the following important gear:

  • A great blaze orange vest and hat
  • A quality pair of waterproof boots
  • Optional a pair of brush chaps or pants
  • A long pair of underwear in case it does get cold
  • A long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt
  • A warm jacket like the Ptarmigan is a great option when in the field as it is lightweight with an enormous wraparound game bag, waterproof with underarm vents
  • Water and snacks that you can carry around with you and depending if you are planning to camp out you need all your important camping gear
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Your shotgun shells, shotgun and your spotting scope

The Key to Successful Bird Scouting

The first and most important key to successful bird scouting is not to intrude. It takes time and your spotting scope is going to become your best friend. By not intruding on the bird territory, you want to go about your business just as you did in your days of watching being able to take down the bird with one shot.

Leave the bird world unchanged and wait until he is at least standing 25 paces away with his head fixed in your shotgun’s sights.

The best way of scouting birds is to start within your vehicle and this is where a great pair of binoculars and spotting scope with at least 20X-60X magnifications comes in handy mounted to your vehicle’s window. Watch and listen as this will tell you how big the flock size is, their roosting areas, daily routines, travel patterns, and which birds are dominant – without you needing to leave your rig.

Once you are ready to leave your rig you need to be camouflaged and geared for hunting mode, armed with your optics and a lightweight tripod. Set up in bushy areas to observe the birds while positioning yourself so you can gaze into concealed pastures, open woods, ridge tops, or any possible swashbuckling zones.

Go easy and do not pressure suspected roost sites or swashbuckling zones. Stay back and listen for any bird noises, wing beats as the birds fly. Determine if the hens are roosted right or a distance away as this helps, you set up to hunt later. Listen to hen talk and confirming if they are meeting up with gobblers in certain zones. By listening, alone you can determine their daily activities.

Leave the Turkey Calls at Home

Many hunters have special gadgets for hunting different birds like ducks and turkeys, however not needed. With a few yelps, you can call a tom close enough to maybe spook him – however, if you want to bring a locator call, rather go with a loud, high-pitched model like a coyote howler. Use it from a long distance as not drawing too much attention. The main purpose is to keep the birds unaware of your presence, as this will pay off in the end when hunting season begins.

Always remember with your shotgun in your hand and geared up with your best spotting scope for birding you always need to be aware of any hunter orange requirements, hunter education requirements and firearm or load restrictions for your state. Enjoy the bird hunting!